Stadium Loro Boroci, Shkoder, Albania


Stadium Loro Borici is located near the city center of Shkodra city in north of Albania”.

Contract Value: 1,600,000 Euro

Time Period: 12 months

Dimension: 20,000 square meter, capacity appx 15,000 persons


The project included a full reconstruction of the stadium and new lighting system for HD transmission of the matches.
ITE Group was contracted for following equipment and software solution:
Electrical Power Supply from the grid 20/0.4kV with a transformer 1600 kVA. Supply of all main elements of the electrical room like transformer, switchgear, voltage regulator, capacitor bank and UPS. Supply and installation of main power center (2000A), electrical distribution boards, and electrical switchboard for HVAC ad mechanic system. Complete electrical system for the whole building including supply of devices. Solution for data network including cabling for systems like CCTV, Audio and access control. Company was responsible to implement lighting project for stadium. The standards were set by UEFA for HD transmission with average value of 1600 LUX. The lighting project was designed in partnership with General Electric Lighting and was challenging to achieve. For the first time in Albania rooftop illumination was provided in order to achieve the illumination target set by Uefa.

Schneider Electric, General Electric Lighting, OMS Lighting, Side Lighting, 4Emme, Prysmian Group, 3M etc.


The customer received a result which fully corresponds to the requirements of a stadium and successfully categorized the stadium according to the UEFA requirements.


Key Success Factors:

  • High-quality of material installed

  • Direct Support from partners

  • Ability to manage and control system

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