Our History

2016 – “ITE Engineering” is born
"ITE Engineering" company is established, its object of activity being the design and implementation of electrical projects of civil and industrial nature, in full compliance with the required standards and norms, as well as the application and contemporary solutions through the Design studio.

Our Profile

“ITE Engineering” sprung in the Albanian market as one of the main companies in the design and implementation of electrical projects. With a professional staff composed of 30 engineers, it is able to give way to all kind of complex civil and industrial projects, such as:

1. Power transformer and supply systems

2. Internal energy distribution systems (within facilities)

3. Power storage systems, generators, UPSs, inverters, etc.

4. Measurement and improvement of electricity parameters’ systems

5. SBMS, Building Management Systems

6. Power control and supervision systems, SCADA

7. Earthing, equipotentialisation and protection systems from atmospheric electricity

8. Evacuation systems and fire alarms

9. Data and telephone systems, including Rack and other accessories

10. Security systems, access control and surveillance, CCTV


Remain the leader in the sector of electrical projects by providing professional solutions in accordance with the contemporary standards and technology.