Central Warehouse

In 2010, "ITE Group" Board of Directors decides to invest in the construction of new and modern facilities in Tirana suburbs, on the right side of the Tirana - Durres Highway, 5 th km, in the most developed industrial area of the capital. These premises consist of four sections: 1. An Office of 960 m2. 2. A Showroom of 460 m2. 3. A warehouse of 1800 m2. The new applied technology creates the possibility of storage in a shelf area of 4200 m2. 4. A Department for Electrical Panels of 600 m2.


St. Perlat Rexhepi

The expansion of the company’s activity imposed the necessity of transferring the electrical materials’ store from "Myslym Shyri" Street to a new address and to more suitable premises for the conduct of the activity, namely to “Perlat Rrexhepi” Street. The new premises are located in one of the most developed and populated areas of Tirana, spanning into 380 m2, as a sales warehouse for electrical materials and electronic devices.


St. Teodor Keko

This store started operating in 2016. About 180 m2, it was born out of the necessity to provide electrical materials to the customers of one of the most populated areas of Tirana.


St. Iliria L13 Derveni tower, Durres

Durrës store starts its activity. About 300 m 2 , it came into existence out of the necessity to provide electrical products and materials for the city of Durrës.


St. Inxhinier Gjovalin Gjadri

Shkodra storehouse started operating in 2020. This storehouse, of about 900 m2, designed to cover the northern capital of the country, was born out of the necessity to provide electrical materials to the customers living in this area.