Our History

1995 - “ITE” starts its activity
In 1995 “ITE” starts its activity as a limited liability company of 100% Albanian ownership. The scope is to provide installation services in the framework of electrical, electronic and telecommunication projects, as well as meeting the needs for electrical and electronic materials via imports.

1995 – First store is established
“ITE” succeeds in opening its first store in “Myslym Shyri” Street in Tirana. With a surface of 60 m2, its commercial activity consists in trading electrical materials.

2001 – Commercial activity expands
The expansion of the company’s activity imposed the necessity of transferring the electrical materials’ store from "Myslym Shyri" Street to a new address and to more suitable premises for the conduct of the activity, namely to “Perlat Rrexhepi” Street. The new premises are located in one of the most developed and populated areas of Tirana, spanning into 380 m2, as a sales warehouse for electrical materials and electronic devices.

2001 – The projects’ design office is established
“ITE” establishes its Office for Electrical Projects Design. The expansion of the services cluster was reflected in the transformation of the company to “ITE Group”.

2002 – Opening of the main warehouse in Yzberisht
In 2002 “ITE Group” opens its main warehouse in Yzberisht, west of the capital, an area with a significant percentage of the population and a pivotal commercial spot and connecting hub with other cities and towns. The warehouse, occupying a surface of 2000 m 2 , was designed for electrical and electronic devices.

2006 – First electrical panels’ production unit is established
In 2006 the Group establishes a new unit for electrical panels nearby Yzberisht warehouse, occupying a surface of 280 m2

2007 – Durrës store starts its activity
Durrës store starts its activity. About 300 m 2 , it came into existence out of the necessity to provide electrical products and materials for the city of Durrës.

2011 – “ITE Group” establishes new modern premises in Tirana suburbs
In 2010, "ITE Group" Board of Directors decides to invest in the construction of new and modern facilities in Tirana suburbs, on the right side of the Tirana - Durres Highway, 5th km, in the most developed industrial area of the capital. These premises consist of four sections: 1. An Office of 960 m2. 2. A Showroom of 460 m2. 3. A warehouse of 1800 m2. The new applied technology creates the possibility of storage in a shelf area of 4200 m2. 4. A Department for Electrical Panels of 600 m2.

2016 – A new store, nearby the new ring, takes off in Tirana
This store started operating in 2016. About 180 m2, it was born out of the necessity to provide electrical materials to the customers of one of the most populated areas of Tirana.

2020 – Shkodra storehouse takes off
Shkodra storehouse started operating in 2020. This storehouse, of about 900 m2, designed to cover the northern capital of the country, was born out of the necessity to provide electrical materials to the customers living in this area.

Our Profile

"ITE Group" was introduced into the Albanian market as one of the leading companies providing electrical materials, electronic and telecommunication devices. "ITE Group", in its role of retailer and distributor in Albania, is the representative of the most prestigious worldwide brands. Our partners are: "Schneider Electric", Philips, Bosch, "Vimar", "Vortice", "General Electric”, 3M, Pramac, “Arnocanali”, “Prysmian Group”, “Femi CZ”, “Electrocanali”, etc. These chosen partners guarantee, at all times, the quality of their products and services, offering high standards and guaranteeing the success of "ITE Group". An important component of "ITE Group" is the department of Electrical Panels Assembly which was established in 2006. It is in charge with the construction of electrical panels for distribution, air conditioning and industrial automation. The company is certified as Panel Builder from "General Electric", for up to 1800 A, and from "Schneider Electric", for up to 4000 A. Our achievements have contributed to the consolidation of "ITE Group" as one of the most privileged and professional partners in the field of design and marketing of electrical, electronic and telecommunications materials. The company possesses the following standards’ certificates:

- ISO 9001:2008

- ISO 9001:2015

- ISO 14001:2015

- OHSAS 18001:2007

- ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011

- ISO/IEC 27001:2013

- ISO 39001:2012

- ISO 50001:2011

- PAS 99:2012


‘Professional solutions, innovation and steadfast improvement’ is our current and future slogan. Born as an electrical installations service provider, we have enabled the access of professionals in the field not only in the sale of electrical materials but also in providing technical solutions in a professional manner. This is the reason we are always one step ahead of the competition, in terms of the standards and products offered, and innovation, by embracing the latest techniques in electrical and electronic materials. We are real professionals and our objective is to identify the needs of our customers by providing optimal solutions to the most complex and demands projects.